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Should You End Your Marriage?

Ryan E. Gatti Attorney at Law

If you feel like you’re in a loveless marriage, the state of Louisiana will allow you to terminate it with few questions asked. As long as you meet residency and other basic requirements, you can end your relationship and move on with your life. However, it’s important to think carefully before filing for divorce to ensure that you’re doing so for the right reasons.

You shouldn’t be with a physically or emotionally abusive person

A spouse is supposed to be the one person in your life who provides unconditional support. Therefore, if your spouse hits you, yells at you or engages in other poor behavior, it is likely grounds for divorce. Leaving an abusive relationship may be especially important if you have children as they can be negatively impacted as well.

Your spouse should take an active role in the relationship

It can be emotionally draining to feel as if you’re solely responsible for solving problems in your relationship. It can also be frustrating to feel as if you’re solely responsible for making long-term plans such as having children or buying a house on your own. If your partner doesn’t contribute to the relationship in a meaningful way, it may be worthwhile to reevaluate staying with this person.

You may have chosen the wrong person

Over time, you may discover that your spouse simply isn’t capable of being there for you from a romantic standpoint. Although this person may be kind and helpful, the lack of an emotional connection to your spouse may ultimately doom the relationship to divorce. If you do stay with this person, you may grow to resent this individual, and that may increase the risk for abuse or other problems developing in the future.

In most cases, the presence of abuse or neglect won’t influence the final terms of a divorce settlement. Instead, factors such as the length of the marriage or when assets were acquired will be given more weight. In a final settlement, you may be entitled to a share of marital assets and spousal support payments.

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