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Driver’s Favorite Tunes May Contribute to Distraction

Ryan E. Gatti Attorney at Law

You’re aware of the danger that distractions pose to you as a driver, but distractions aren’t limited to actions that take your hands off the steering wheel or your eyes off the road. All too often, drivers in Louisiana become cognitively distracted while listening to music.

Up to 90% of drivers listen to music while on the road, so this is not negligible as a trend. However, music can be more distracting based on certain factors.

Music at 95 decibels is unsafe

Drivers become slower in their reactions as the music gets louder. At 95 decibels, music can slow those reaction times by as much as 20%, which is a serious hazard when one is traveling fast and has to avoid debris or react to another driver’s unsafe maneuvers. A song at 95 decibels is comparable to the noise of a power lawnmower, yet this equates to the middle volume on most music players.

Some music can have a calming effect, making it beneficial when drivers are in traffic jams and liable to get angry or impatient. But aggressive music, whatever its decibel level, is more likely to harm drivers.

The more familiar, the more distracting

One study tested the driving skills of teenagers two different times: first as they listened to their favorite tunes and second as they listened to soft rock and other calming music provided by the analysts. It turned out that the drivers committed more errors during the first go-around with familiar music, but the second test was by no means error-free.

The difficulty of proving distraction

While these studies are invaluable, the fact remains that those who are involved in motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted drivers can have a hard time proving the other side’s negligence. Distraction from music is not something that can easily be proven in the same way as, say, distraction from phone use.

Perhaps you’re in this kind of predicament. You may learn more about your options for seeking compensation if you consult with a personal injury attorney. The attorney may also help you during settlement negotiations and beyond.

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