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Kelley Wyatt's Recovery from Drunk Driving Accident: A Story of Resilience and Justice

Keylley Wyatt

On the Labor Day weekend of September 4, 2016, Kelley Wyatt's nearly lost her life following an accident that occurred near Airline and Brownlee. While driving north on Airline Drive, she became the victim of a tragic accident involving an alleged drunk driver. The defendant, under the influence, unexpectedly veered across the center lane, resulting in a head-on collision with Kelley's car.

A remarkable effort by over 100 first responders, including doctors and neurosurgeons, was crucial in the race against time to save her life. The defendant later confessed to intoxication, and a blood alcohol test revealed a content of 0.09%.

Kelley's extensive medical records unveiled a multitude of serious injuries, encompassing severe brain trauma, multiple fractures, deep vein thrombosis, sepsis, the necessity for a tracheotomy, as well as impairment to speech and hearing, among others.

Kelley Wyatt Before Life-Altering Accident

Before the accident, Kelley was very active in her family life as well as her physical abilities. As a consequence of the irreversible actions of an intoxicated driver, Kelley now faces a lifetime of ongoing physical therapy sessions and regular doctor visits. According to one of her specialists, Dr. Barton states, “She suffered a bad proximal humerus fracture. She suffered an elbow fracture. She had bilateral wrist fractures. She had a severe comminuted crunched-up and open femur fracture. She had an open patella fracture. Meaning the skin is open, the bone is exposed.”

Kelley also suffered 3rd degree burns on her ankle that doctors operated on by taking a skin graft from her thigh and moving it down to cover up the wound. She was found to have 4 major extremities injured, which increased her risk of death. The urgency of the hospital’s efforts is defined by Dr. Samra who states, “It is important to realize that when she came early in the trauma bay it was a matter of every second and minutes in order terms of her acuity of injuries to stabilize her and then we move to the next zone of it. becomes hours and then becomes days and weeks.”

Kelley not only endured traumatic physical injuries but also had her quality of life stripped away in the aftermath of the wreck. Now, she confronts life-altering pain and suffering, disability, noticeable scarring, and disfigurement, along with enduring mental anguish. Kelley now relies entirely on her husband, Jeff, for tasks she once handled independently before the accident. The ability to spend precious moments with her father before his passing was unjustly taken away.

Her hard-earned physical fitness has been stripped from her, leaving her incapable of traveling and enjoying time with her children and family. The disability she grapples with impedes her capacity to speak clearly, express emotions through tears, walk, and carry out routine daily tasks. She requires a 24-hour attendant for the rest of her life, ongoing joint replacements and x-rays, continuous home upgrades, and medical equipment, and will endure persistent pain alongside the burden of lifelong medical bills.

After months of thorough investigation, negotiations, and court proceedings, our legal team successfully presented a compelling case that highlighted the negligence of the other party involved. In the aftermath of the traumatic car accident, the legal resolution became a pivotal chapter in our client's life, marking the beginning of a new journey toward healing and advocacy. We express our sincere gratitude for the opportunity to provide assistance during this challenging period.

Kelley Wyatt's Road to Recovery

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